Composite Doors

duckegg-and-poppyHome Logic Southampton Window Repairs offers customers a superb range of composite doors to suit any property. Composite doors are made out a variety of materials which have given composite doors high-strength qualities.

Home Logic Southampton Window Repairs can supply a superb range of composite doors in a wide range of colours to suit all types of properties and tastes. Composite doors offer property owners a wide range of benefits such as durability and weather resistance.

Why select a composite door for your property?

At Home Logic Southampton Window Repairs, we are proud to announce that we can install and fit a wide range of composite doors to suit your property. A composite door is one of the most modern doors available on the market and will offer your property a superb range of benefits. By choosing Home Logic Southampton Window Repairs to install a composite door, you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

composite-doors1Wide range of colours and choice

Every home and homeowner has the right to customise their home exactly to their tastes. Why keep that boring white door that everyone on your street has? We supply our composite doors in a diverse selection of colours with an array of different frame colours on request. Colours we can supply are Grey, Cream and Chartwell Green, White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Oak and Darkwood. Frames can be installed in the following colours: white, mahogany, cherrywood, oak, white grain, brown–black, grey, cream and Chartwell green. Additionally, we can change hardware to gold, chrome, or black hardware to suit your tastes and composite door.

We can also install a wide range of side panels in a superb range of designs to ensure that every side panel is customised to suit your property and tastes. If requested, we can install the letter box onto the side panel instead of the door.

Strong and durable

reglazableAll composite doors supplied by Home Logic Southampton Window Repairs are made from a range of materials that ensure the door is durable and strong.

Our doors are made of glass reinforced plastic which is one of the strongest materials on the market and is often used to make boat hulls, which is a testament to the quality and strength of the product.

The hinge edges on every composite door will be fitted with a PVC edging and this will be cut through to ensure a superb fit in your doorway. We will also fit a 4mm thick power coated aluminium lock strip to ensure your lock is secure.

Reglazable windows

Are you tired of the windows on your door? Have the windows been damaged? If this is the case, all windows on a composite door can easily be changed upon request. To do so, there is a simple cassette removal function that will allow you to slide and lock away window cassettes.

You will be able to save money in the long run as you will not have to replace a new door.

contemp-fullHardware and frame options

Similar to the customisation of door colours and side panels, Home Logic offers customers the opportunity to change the hardware and frames on their doors on request.

We supply a range of furniture suites from Stainless Steel, Yale Stainless, Avocet Affinity and Fab & Fix. Additionally, we supply locking mechanisms from ERA Vectis, Yale, Winkhaus and Fab & Fix.

Doors have to be installed into a proper frame to ensure it is secure. Our company can provide Sculptured Liniar and REHAU door frames which are renowned in the industry for their durability and protection from elements and are suitable for a wide range of markets.

Thermal efficiency

sidepanelsA composite door will also help make your property more thermal efficient and energy efficient. All composite doors are made in a green and environmentally friendly manner.

Threshold and drips

By selecting a Home Logic Southampton Window Repairs composite door, you can be assured that we will provide a highly aesthetical looking door. Our doors are Part M compliant and are 15mm high, and we will ensure that all thresholds are well fitted.


Our new GRP side panel gives loads of choice. You can choose from 7 different designs, in 10 colours, with dozens of glass options – but, uniquely you can have a choice of width. All of which can carry the letterbox.

If you have any questions about our composite doors service, do not hesitate to contact our team today.